In 1864 American inventor Frank Stockburn invented a machine that generated a power opposite to that of gravity. His machine, called the Negative Gravity Screw was used to make the first aeronef. History changed from that date...

Aeronef is a set of wargames rules allowing you to fight battles of aerial warfare in the last decades of the 19th century. A simple game to play, yet challenging to master, the Aeronef rulebook contains:

* the basic rules for aerial combat between Negative Gravity and R-Matter powered aeronef and lighter-than-air aerostat.

* an optional complete geo-political and scientific timeline from 1852 to 1899.

* optional rules for players to expand the game to include bombing ground targets, anti-aeronef "archie" fire, fixed-wing craft and taking off and landing.

* military review of the Great Powers aeronef capabilities.

* full design and modification rules for players to create their own perfect craft.

* four introductory scenarios set during the Great War of 1889-91, all with details of and stats for the craft involved.

Aeronef can be purchased from Wargame Vault here.

In 1895 English adventurer the Earl of Redgrave and his bride Lillia Zaidie land on Mars in their R-Matter vessel The Astronef. History changed from that date...

The Aeronef Captain's Handbook is a supplement for our popular VSF flyer combat rules Aeronef. It contains:

* rules for introducing Martian aeronef into your battles with their new gas and electric weapons.

* an expanded geo-political and scientific timeline from 1899 to 1911.

* optional rules for players to expand the game to include air torpedoes, boarding, morale, multi-targeting, ramming and towing.

* Aeronef strategic game rules to allow you to play mini-campaigns.

* technological development timeline to reflect design improvements through the period.

* rules to include aerofauna on Earth and the colonised planets.

* four new scenarios featuring the new rules and craft in this handbook.

The Aeronef Captain's Handbook can be purchased from Wargame Vault here.

In 1890 following the death of his family during an Ottoman aerostat raid, Hungarian noble Baron Lantoz launched a campaign of revenge and terror on those responsible. Utilising the ingenuity of Professor Vanvlak to upgrade his flagship, the Syren, a series of raids where launched across the Aegean targeting the 3rd Akinjli Squadron and its commander Carpik Pasha.

Aeronef Over The Aegean: Wrath Of The Syren is a mini-campaign for Aeronef but can be used with other VSF flyer game systems or the protagonists changed to accommodate your own aeronef fleets with a little effort. Aeronef Over The Aegean recreates this legendary campaign as Baron Lantoz and the Syren wreak havoc across the Aegean and the Ottoman aerial fleet tries to stop them.

All of Wessex Games' royalties from Aeronef Over The Aegean: Wrath Of The Syren are donated to charity.

Aeronef Over The Aegean can be purchased from Wargame Vault here.

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