Voyages Extraordinaires

Voyages Extraordinaires is a set of Victorian Adventure Gaming rules which allow you to fight desperate skirmishes in unexplored lands with soldiers, scientists and explorers discovering cannibal tribes, lost empires, dinosaurs and much more as they lead expeditions on Earth, Mars and Venus.

Using our unique ‘Archetype’ gaming system, the rules will give an almost cinematic feel to your adventures with characters ranging from great white hunters to askaris, British army officers to Arab slavers, even Lost Empire legionnaires to Syrtrian Martians. Additionally the game also includes a wider range of animal types from lions and gorillas to tyrannosaurs and raptors as well as a selection of mythical beasts from African legend.

Voyages Extraordinaires also includes three introductory scenarios featuring the legendary Professor Peterson in the jungles of West Africa, the lava chasm riven plains of the Hollow Earth and salt marshes of Mars.

Voyages Extraordinaires is available for purchase from Wargame Vault here.

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