Wednesday, December 30

Life On Mars: Aurorean Martians

The first sentient beings discovered on Mars by Earl Redgrave at Xanthe near Auorae Sinus, the Auroreans (as humans have called them) are a highly intelligent race, approximately seven foot tall, living in sprawling cities which are connected by the canal network.

Their scientific-totalitarian system of government has enabled the Auroreans to focus their development to scientific ends and in many respects their technology is on a par or better than that of the nations of earth.

However, their development has for many centuries been confined to dealing with the ecological problems of their dying planet and their military technology is of varied quality against the human colonists who have landed on the red planet. Some weapons such as the Martian electro-rifle are extremely deadly, whereas the Aurorean aeronef are generally of an inferior design. That said what they lack in quality, the Aurorean air-fleet makes up for in quantity.

picture: The Astronef rams and destroys an Aurorean aeronef

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