Saturday, January 30

1863: The Hollow Earth

Despite Professor Lidenbrock's discovery of an unknown world beneath the Earth's crust in 1863, it was not until the later Peterson and Challenger expeditions, in the 1890's, that scientists began to understand the riches of the unique prehistoric ecosystem beneath their very feet.

With access to the interior world being possible from locations in the Mountains of the Moon and Maple White Land, as well as Iceland, it soon became apparent that the virgin world held many exploitable riches including deposits of R-Matter and Apergion.

The difficulty of access, as well as the hostile fauna and flora, did initially restrict the ability of the Great Powers to colonise the new lands, but where the prize is big enough, man's avarice knows no bounds and soon the Powers began to carve up the newly discovered territories, domesticising some of the wild pre-historic beasts to use as transportation and conquering the indigenous sub-human races that populated the wild lands below.

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