Monday, January 25

1896: Wrath Of The Syren

Following the death of his family during an Ottoman aerostat raid, Hungarian noble Baron Lantoz launched a campaign of revenge and terror on those responsible. Utilising the ingenuity of Professor Vanvlak to upgrade his flagship, the Syren, a series of raids where launched across the Aegean targeting the 3rd Akinjli Squadron and its commander Carpik Pasha.

In an effort to bring his nemesis to battle, Lantoz and his crew bombed the Turkish city of Ayvacik, causing many civilian casualties and earning Lantoz, amongst the Turks, the nickname The Bloody Baron. Carpik, whose family died in the attack, managed to intercept the Syren with his aerial squadron. Lantoz's desire for revenge led him to launch a reckless headlong attack on the Pasha's flagship which retreated engulfed in flame into the clouds.

Badly wounded and with the Syren almost torn apart under his feet, Lantoz returned to Austria to be greeted by Emperor Franz Joseph who secretly rewarded him for his endeavours against the Turk with more vessels to continue the undeclared war against the Ottoman heathen...

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